Welcome to My Lil Home on the Web!!

I would like to thank you for taking the time to stop by my little home on the web. Within the pages of this site you will meet my family pets, learn a bit about my beliefs, causes, & I am going to share with you my understanding of the spiritual aspect of many animals. I come from Native American bloodlines, and my spirtuality is very important to me. I am creating this site to share with you some of things that are most important in my life. I have been taught that when we give knowledge then we open ourselves up to the gift of receiving knowledge. As long as we know that we Do Not know everything, then we will receive the gift of learning, When we feel that we know everything that lifes lesson has to offer, then we might as well consider the journey over. Life offers us lessons everyday, it just depends on what we learn from them. I have also been taught that we have to respect all creation, this means: humans, animals, plants, water, & Mother Earth as a whole. If we don't take care of her now what will our children have in the future. Please remember as you browse through my site that All Creation is sacred. Please help save what we are blessed with before it is too late to enjoy it. Also, I would like to say from the beginning, the information you find within my pages are my thoughts, feeling & understandings, by no means do I wish to offend anyone, my spirtuality is mine & I just felt that I should share a little of it with the people. Thank you for visiting my site. LittleFeetRaven

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