Welcome to my story about the Akitas that have been a part of my life. I was introduced to the breed about 9 years ago, after my son was attacked by a Collie. A friend of mine that raised & showed Akitas told me a story about how the Akita can be used to babysit your child, protect your home & family, and so much more. A therapist told me that the best dog to help a traumatized child through the ordeal was an Akita. I continued my research until I was convinced that a dog could help my son stop being afraid of dogs. My friend gave me one of her Akitas. His name was Thor. He was getting ready to retire from being showed because she was starting to show his pup. Thor was huge, he weighed 165 lbs. Well when I brought him home, the first thing he did was jump right into bed with my son (my son was only about 3 yrs old). My son woke up & looked at Thor, wrapped his arms around him and went back to sleep. You see, my son was afraid of any & every dog he saw, so this was a miracle to me. They became really close. Thor watched after Nick like he was his child. One day Nick was playing outside & the Collie came into the yard & knocked my son to the ground & pinned him, growling in his face. ( I was not aware that this was happening). All of a sudden I hear a thump on the glass door, Thor pushed it open, ran outside & knocked that dog off my son. Thor pinned it, growled in its face, but never bit. He just showed her that he was there & she wasn't going to hurt Nick Again. Thor was so graceful & strong, he never hurt anything or anyone. He just protected his family with authority. After that I was a true believer in The Akita. My son hasn't been afraid of dogs since, yes he is cautious but not afraid. Thor had one surgery to repair him after a cyst ruptured on his neck, he recovered pretty fast. After that I had to move so I asked a friend to watch him for me. Well he had another cyst rupture & he didn't make it that time. We miss him very much but he taught us that loving an Akita is forever. I had Thor for about 2 years or I guess he had me. He went everywhere with me. It was funny to see the expression on a persons face when they saw this huge dog sitting in the ront seat of my VW bug, with his seatbelt on. Well anyway in that time frame 2 more Akitas came into my life, Mico she was only 2 yrs old and she was kind of a keep to herself type. She liked one on one attention. When I moved I sent her to stay at my sisters house & someone stole her. Then there was Tonto, he was just a pup (not even a year old) I was reading the paper & there was an ad, they were needing to get rid of a Japanese fighting dog. I called her & said I wanted to come & look at him. When I got there she told me he didn't like people. I walked up sat down next to him & he crawled up into my lap. I took him home with me that day, after I explained that trying to make him fight like those dogs in the underground fights is what made him not trust people. The Akita is a gentle breed and they love to be loved. If you ever want to have one just remember to show them love & respect, and they will do the same. Now as for what happened to Tonto, he was hit by a car. He was a really great dog he loved women & children, but it took him awhile to trust men. This page is dedicated to these three Akitas that came into my life and taught me what is was like to be owned by an Akita. They each had their own personality and showed their love in their own ways, but the thing that they had in common was that I loved them very much. I said a long time ago that an Akita was the only kind of dog that I would want to have. It has been a long time since I lost my Akitas. Now this is Koti. He is a full blooded Akita too. And he comes from a long line of champions. He is beautiful.

I am going to introduce you to Koti, and he is an Akita. For those of you that don't know much about the Akita, they are a breed that is extremely loyal, loving & gentle. Koti was a gift from my ex.When we seperated I was able to find a good home for him with a family that loves him and he loves.

This is Koti he was about 8 weeks old when this was taken.

Its now been a few years and I have been blessed with a new Akita I received him from my husband as an early christmas gift. He was 8 weeks old and he picked me. He now nine months old and a great joy in our lives. I would like to introduce you to Bear