Welcome to My Graphics Page

Here you will find the links & or banners from the places that I found some of my graphics. Please keep in mind that some of my graphics were recreated by me for my site & some are originals. Below are the places where I found the graphics to be able to to this. To the best of my knowledge the graphics that I have received from these sites are public domain. If you see something that is not then please email me with details & I will investigate & remove the graphic if it is found to be NOT public domain. Also, please keep in mind that the banners on my site I have permission to post. As for my personal banners the graphics were found in free graphic pages & I created the actual banner size & text. The banners that I did not personally make were made for me by my husband.

Lady Oh Graphics I received some of my stuff from Lady Oh Graphics. But The page doesn't exist anymore. It was a beautiful Collection of free domain graphics.




email- Vehemehe@cs.com for custom buttons/ banners/ backgrounds ect...

Star Spider Dancing helped me figure our some of my HTML coding She is a great Help. Visit her site, if you have questions regarding html she has created an html tutorial.