Thank you for visiting this page. As you can see, I believe that all Animals have rights & deserve to be respected & treated with love & kindness. I am a firm believer that harmful acts done to animals hurts all of humanity. We don't have to stand silent, there are ways to help our earths animals. I am adding links and banners to some sites that I found to be very informative & helpful. There are quite a few ways to help protect these great creatures. Donating time to local shelters, volunteering to help circulate a petition, educate ourselves about animal rights. We can help!!! All we have to do is take a stand. We are not the only ones on Earth that have rights. Please Be Kind to ALL Living things: Human, creature, plant life, water sources, Our Earth as a Whole!!! If we don't take action now; what will our children have in the future. Please visit the sites below by clicking on the picture or link. Thank you again for taking time to stop by & do your part. LittleFeetRaven