Awards offered

My site offers a few different awards. Pick the award below that you are applying for, fill out the form located below the awards, submit the form & I will veiw your site to see if it qualifies. Requirements for award:
1. No hate, abuse or pornagraphic related sites
2: Must be Animal or Earth related
3: I have the exclusive right to grant or decline to give the award
4: Site cannot be just a links page
5: I ask that if you receive the award that you link it back to my site
These awards are not difficult to win Site just needs to have good content, graphics & be a a nice place to visit.
If your site wins the award I will add a link to your site to the winners list so that other people can visit you too.
Also I would like to ask you to please sign my guest book before you apply for an award. Guest book is located on my home page.
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application.




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