Welcome to One Earth. This ring is designed to bring all people together. I have created One Earth to be a place where hate & hurt are not acceptable. My hope is for people to see that cruelty of any kind has to be stopped. We are all one people, no colors or races just people. Mother Earth has given us all that we need to survive. It is time that we give something back Respect for all living things. All living things include people, animals, plants, air & water. Without these things none of us would survive. Everything has the right to live in peace, without fear. Our children deserve to learn a positive way of living. If we start teaching people now that all living things are precious gifts,then possibly our children will have a beautiful world of peace to grow up in. We are the teachers of our children, if they see us hurt someone (animal, plant or human) then the learning process has began. If we teach them that is not okay to hurt another living thing, then maybe we can stop the process before it starts. This ring is for the people that Honor the Earth & All Life. If you believe in the same hopes for the future then this is the ring for you. There are only a few guidelines to be a part of One Earth (Listed below). If your site meets the standards then please join us in our walk to help promote peace & unity. 1. No sites with adult content or links to such sites. 2. No hate or racist sites will be accepted. 3. I am a firm believer in animal rights & welfare; if your site contains cruelty of any type it will not be accepted. (No puppy mills or anything of the sort) 4. Site must have a positive message. 5. Site Must be safe for viewing by all ages "Family Safe" If your site meets these guidelines & you would like to be a part of this ring please feel free to join. I will then go visit your site, & contact you . Thank you for your interest in joining One Earth & I hope to see you in the ring. ~LittleFeetRaven~

I have closed this ring as it was being abused by people that were just trying to sell their stuff or adult content. And that was not EVER what this site was about. I am going to rebuild my site and bring it up to date and maybe then I will rebuild this ring. Thank you for understanding.