Frog: The frog teaches us about cleansing. When we need to cleanse our soul of negative things around us it is the frog that send s us the message. When we feel frustrated, overwhelmed, exhuasted, or just plain beat the frog teaches us to take some time to energize ourselves again. Take deep relaxing breaths or take a long bath turn of all the disatractions of the day & take care of yourself. Also tears are extremely cleansing for the soul.

Grouse: The Grouse represents the the Sacred Spiral. This animal teaches us that we often need to take take to meditate to figure out what direction our life is going in. The other lesson is the Grouse could be offering you the gift of dance. Celebrate Lifes Dance. Enjoy your life.

Lizard: The Lizard teaches us about our dreams. He represents the shadow side of reality. He could be asking you to look to see what is trailing behind you, such as bad habits you are trying to break, fears, insecurities & so on. If so maybe you need to just let them go so that they are not on you tail. He also teaches to understand our dreams. If you are not able to remember your dreams try kepping a dream record. Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up while they are still fresh in your mind. Sometimes it helps us to understand what is going on

Moose: The Moose teaches us about self-esteem. We need to feel good about our success. We wor hard to do all the things we get in life be proud of yourself. I AM Somebody I Have Worth. These arethings that we all need to tell ourselves sometimes. Be proud of the things you achieve in life, & work for those goals you haven't met yet. Be Proud Of Who You Are!

Mouse: The teaches us about scrutiny. It is a good thing to scrutinize things, looking at detail & organization, but on the other hand if you do this to such a degree that you have to shred everything to bits to see the insight you may not enjoy what life has to offer. Look at things with an open mind, do what is safe & enjoy lifes little miracles.

Opossum: This amazing animal is about diversion. When threatened it rolls over & plays dead until the threat is gone. Then when least expected it jumps either to defend itself & family or it jumps o leave the danger. It is positive when we face our fears but not to the extent that we put ourselves or others in danger. Balance this lesson. Know when to stay & fight also know when to get out while the getting is good.

Owl: The Owl represents deception. This does not mean that this winged one is bad it means that it offers us many things. But its key lesson is that we are deceiving someone/thing or we are being deceived. These are both very important things to learn. People get hurt when deception is involved, becuase there has to be some type of trust in order to be deceived. This can be little things like cheating while trying to quit smoking, or dieting / it can also be damaging things so just remember that Honesty is the best policy. I have a belief Don't ask me if you don't want the truth & this pertains to everything, I will be honest when I have the answer.

Rabbit: This cute little guy teaches us about our fears. If you are afraid you may run & hide or you may be so afraid that you put yourself in danger. Fear is something that everyone has about one thing or another but intense fear is dangerous & off balance. Don't be so afraid of life that you don't get to enjoy it.

Raccoon: This furry little animal is a thief / a bandit. They only take take what they need to survive, they don't hoard. I am not saying go out & steal if you need it, I am saying that if you don't have what you need then perhaps you need to work harder at acheiving the goals that you set for yourself. If you have more than you need then maybe donating time or help to a place that could use help then you you would not be keeping to much of yourself from life. Life is a gift, share yourself with it.

Skunk: The Skunk teaches us about reputation. You are as good as your word. The Skunk has a reputation he is cute from a distance but if they feel threatened they defend themselves with the spray. Most animals won't mess with the Skunk because of this reputation. If you go around stinking up the place with a bad attitude most people will not want work with you. If you are open minded & do what you say you will do then more people will want to be a part of something you are doing. Keeping your reputation in good standing is the key to success.

Squirrel: He means gathering. He teaches to prepare for the future. Don't be careless not fly by the seat of your pants until it is time to retire. Plan for it. He also tells us that sometimes we have gatherd too many things, worries workload...ect.. & maybe we need to lighten our load.

Swan: This beautiful bird teaches us about grace. Being graceful in all that we do is difficult sometimes, but it is worth working towards. Noone wants to be the bull in the china shop. This bird is proud & elegant as it coasts across the pond never in such a hurry that it forgets to be graceful. To achieve the gift of being graceful requires us to balance our energies. Be full of pride not ego. Be tactful not hurtful. All people will respect that.

Turkey: The Turkey teaches us about the give away. If you have more than you need to survive, share. Someone always needs help in life it is a gift to our soul for us not to be selfish. Remember the great GiveAway between the Pilgrams & the Native Americans, they both shared what they had to offer and it brought peace among the two peoples. If we could all learn from this lesson then there would be less prejudice in this world.

Weasel: The Weasel's lesson is stealth. His teachings are " to look at the hidden messages" If you sit in the outskirts looking in then you know more of what is happening than those right in the middle of it all. With this we can be a good judge of character because we usually have sat away & observed long enogh to know the facts of the situation. Use stealth in your actions to get the job done quickly & accurately

Whale: The Whale is Lifes Record Keeper. They keep the records of all time. It is said that if you require informatin about history the Whale is the one to ask. The Whale also teaches us to reach deep down inside & find our own voice. Find yours, all living things have a certain cry except for humans we do not have a unique cry or song so search to find yours it is relaxing to just cry sometimes to relieve the pressures of life. Find your Song/Cry, and relax

Spider: The Spider creates the Web Of Life. Weaving in and out, creating lifes web. She teaches us that the life web has been created but we can change the pattern or design at anytime with decisive action. The other lesson is for us to be creative in our lives, And don't get so wrapped up in the weaving of our lives that we are missing something that life can offer.

Snake: This reptile teaches about transmutation. They teach us that we are to accept all aspects of our lives. It also teaches us to shed the un-needed old stuff from our lives, in order for us to enjoy the NOW. Don't live in the past, move forward and enjoy all the wonders of life.