Eagle: The Eagle is a spiritual messenger. He flys highest in the sky, so he is closest to the creator. He brings us the messages that are most important in our lives. The Eagle has taught us a great lesson, that even the near extinct, can make a great come back. Some of the types of Eagle have recently been removed from the endangered list.

Dolphin: The dolphin is represents the Breath of Life. It teaches to balance ourselves. When things get rough or we get overwhelmed the dolphin teaches us to take a deep breath to help us relax. The Dolphin is playful & loves attention thats why they are found near the beaches that are occupied alot. They are a great teacher just remember Breathe.

Hawk: The Hawk is a messenger also. He brings us messages that require us to pay close attention. He is also a messenger of healing. These birds are rare but are making a come back in their survival.

Deer: The deer teaches us to be gentle in all that we do. They are so beautiful to watch, their grace & speed is overwhelming. Please remember that these animals may not be near extinct, but remember not to abuse that fact. If people take advantage of that, then these great animals may not be there for people to see as we drive down a mountain road. Please be aware that our actions affect most things around us.

Bear: The Bear teaches us to look into ourselves for the answers. They hibernate every year to reflect on the year that just passed. Learn from your experiences in life to help you with the decisions that you make. If we are having a hard time with something; the best thing that we can do for ourself is to take some quite time & reflect.

Armadillo: This one teaches us Boundries. Everyone needs some type of boundry. Without them we would be taken advantage of or used everytime we opened our eyes. Sometimes it is best to protect yourself from things or people around you. Boundries are not a bad thing they help us set standards for our lifestyle.

Buffalo: He teaches us about prayer, & how that it can bring us the things in life that we need. Don't pray for wants, but out creator help us fulfil our needs, when we are willing to pray & help ourselves. The buffalo provided food, clothing, & shelter this was a great sacrafice that it made for human life to survive.Prayer does work

Hummingbird: This bird teaches us about Joy. It helps us to bring Love & Joy into our homes and our lives. If you get them in your yard flying buzzing around they are either tellin you that you have a joyful home or that you may need to bring some into your life. They are so great to watch they are so busy with their job.

Horse: He brings us strength. He also represents power. He teaches us to have the strength to carry out our dreams. The horse is a strong animal and it is hard to break his spirit, we can learn from that. Don't ever let anything break your spirit or take away your sself worth. Everyone & everything are important to the circle of life.

Lynx: She is a beautiful animal. They are the knower of all secrets. If you get to understand the gifts of this animal then you will be able to see when someone is keeping a secret from you. Sometimes if you are in tune with her you can know when you are being lied to.

Mt.Lion: He is a Leader. Mt. Lion teaches us to lead our lives, not be led through them. If we have a problem making our own decisions maybe Mt.Lion is the animal we need to help us.

Otter: She teaches us to be balanced with female energy. They are caring & nurturing for their young. She teaches to take care of our families.

Raven: This bird is magical. There is no reason to fear the magic of this bird. It teaches us that all life is magical & every person has their own magical sense. This not to be used in a negative way, that is not a part of the Ravens magic.