Turtle: She represents the Mother Earth and all of her medicine. She teaches us to remain grounded & take care of all of the Earths needs. Please be aware that when we abuse the Earth we ar hurting people, plants & animals. So we need to try to reduce the pollutants that we use everyday. Our Earth needs to heal.

Wolf: The wolf is a teacher. Wolf teaches us about family unity & surrvival. The wolves live in packs because that is their family unit. I know that we can't all live with our entire families but, we can keep in contact & visit as often as we can.

Ant: The ant teaches us patience. They work hard to build their Ant Hill, carrying one grain at a time. I know when you see them in you house or invading your garden we think what a pain but, really they are only working to create a home & survive the same as we do. Patience is a true quality that all people could use. We live in such a fast paced world that we all could use a little patience.

Antelope: The Antelope teaches us to take Action. If there is something that we need to do, then we do it. Action is the key element to survival. If we have no food in the house, then we go get some. If there is no job, we go look for one. Thes are things that we teach are children, take action to complete their goals. If it is a good lesson for our children, then it should be a good one for us as well. We teach our children, so if we give up we are teaching them it is okay to quit. Just decide what action you need to take, then take it.

Badger: The Badger teaches us aggressiveness. We should be aggressive enough to fight for what we believe in. Be aggressive in achieving our goals. Please remember not to be so Aggressive that you harm another person. Our achievements our great but when we do so at someone elses expense then they really aren't that great after all.

Bat: The Bat signifies rebirth. If we have bad habits and are trying to change them, then we need to let those bad habits die & a birth of the good habits to be born in us. When we change things in our life there is always a rebirth of something new.

Beaver: The Beaver is a builder. This animal teaches us that if we have dreams, we can make them come true. We just have to work for them. To accomplish our goals we need to work with others. Team work to finish a task, is always the best way. We never have to do anything alone.

Coyote: The Coyote is a trickster. He teaches us that sometimes we are tricking others into believing what we are doing is right. Sometimes we are tricking ourselves. But his best lesson is that laughter is the best medicine. Laughter can ease the tension in a room or if something is to serious then we need to laugh to make whatever it is not be so heavy. So just laugh a few times a day to keep the blues away.

Butterfly: The Butterfly teaches us the stages our lives go through, the beginning; the dedciding what you need to do; the devolpement of the aspect; & the birth. (egg stage; larve stage; cocoon stage; leaving the chrysalis/birth stage) These are the 4 stages that are always in our life, it just depends on what is going on in our lifes, to figure out what stage we are in.

Dog: The Dog teaches us loyalty. These animals are loyal to the families that they live with. They Love, Respect & Protect their humans without fail. some people believe that some breeds are bad, but in reality dogs don't start mean, the humans they live with teach them that. Dogs love to be loved, played with & treated like a member of the family. If you treat them with love & kindness that is what you get in return. Loyalty is something we all have in us, if you need to learn about it maybe a dog could help you

Dragonfly: The Dragonfly represents illusion. Sometimes when we see this beautiful creature it is telling us that it is time to change something in our life that seems to be a reality, so remember nothing is ever completely as it seems. Often we view things in our understanding & what it is actually could be totally differant. Make your dreams a reality not an illusion.

Elk: The Elk teaches us stamina. He teaches us to pace ourselves. When we set a goal, we need to look at the whole picture, plan it, and pace ourselves o that we complete it without getting burned out or overwhelmed by it. The Elk also teaches us that we can bond with friends of the same gender without competing or jealousy. I think we could all benefit from friendships where there is no jealousy. So if you don't have many friends, maybe you could join a common interest group & make some new ones.

Fox: This wonderful little creature teaches us about camouflage. He has the ability to blend into his environment. He teaches that sometimes we need to not be the flower on the wall, stand up & be noticed. The other side of that is, his message is we are making ourselves too obvious. Sometimes we just need to be a part of something not the center of attention.